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Welcome to 4th Grade

This is an overview of our fourth grade program.  It tells you about our goals and how we meet them.  The most important goal is that each of the students will continue making progress toward becoming motivated, self-directed and lifelong learners.  We welcome your partnership in this pursuit.


Fourth grade math is a year of tremendous learning.  Instructional time will be focused on three critical areas:  (1) developing understanding and fluency or multi-digit multiplication, and developing an understanding of division; (2) developing understanding of fraction equivalence and operations with fractions; and (3) describing, analyzing, comparing and classifying two-dimensional shapes.

It is expected that all fourth grade students should have mastered their addition and subtraction facts.  We will be reviewing multiplication facts and working on fluency and mastery of division facts.


Units to be covered in science this year include:  energy collision energy conversion; geology, and human body systems,

The social studies program will emphasize geography of the United States and map skills.  We will be doing an in-depth study of New Hampshire history and geography.

Students will also spend time completing two Project-Based-Learning (PBL) projects each trimester. These projects will include collaborating with peers, researching, and presenting their findings. All projects will be completed in school.

Language Arts

Students take a deeper dive into literary and informational texts throughout their fourth grade year. Our district utilizes the Wonders program for reading and writing, as well as the John Collins writing framework. We focus on strengthening reading comprehension and fluency, grammar, expanding vocabulary, spelling, and increasing overall writing length and stamina.