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Welcome to 3rd Grade

The third grade year is an important year! Our goal as a third grade team is to create 21st century learners that are independent, self-motivated, and collaborative. Students will use problem solving, mindfulness, and self-regulation in their everyday learning. Students will develop social skills to be positive members in our community.


Throughout the third grade year a primary focus is developing math fact fluency, specifically in multiplication. Students move from just solving the four mathematical operations to justifying their understanding through words and models in the third grade. The Daily 3 Framework routine is incorporated into their daily lessons, while using Engage New York and Go Math for whole group instruction.

Language Arts

The third grade team uses the Wonders Reading Program for whole group and guided reading, while incorporating the Daily 5 Framework routine to provide student choice, encourage independence and increase writing and reading stamina.

Science and Social Studies

The third grade units to be covered in science this year include: forces, weather and climate, animal adaptations through time, and variation of traits. Students are guided through the engineering process and scientific method within each unit to develop critical thinking skills for the 21st Century.

The third grade socials studies units to be covered are geography, communities, and civil rights. These units are integrated into our daily reading and writing instruction.


It is expected that each student read 20 minutes a night and work on their math fact fluency for 15 minutes a night. Math fact fluency games are sent home as they are taught in the classroom for practice and students are encouraged to use to practice facts. Here is the weekly homework sheet: Homework Sheet

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Victoria Sheridan: Grade 3

  1. I went to Western Governors University for my bachelor's degree.
  2. This is my first year teaching.
  3. I have one cat named Natasha.
  4. I love Star Wars.
  5. I can solve a Rubix Cube in under two minutes.
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Megan Howell: Grade 3

  1. I enjoy reading, and have almost read 4  books this summer!
  2. I have a Catahoula Leopard dog named Ellie and an orange cat named Ukiah.
  3. I have driven across the country and lived in California and Park City, Utah.
  4. I love traveling, have been to Thailand with my mom and was able to bathe elephants in a river on that trip.
  5. My favorite foods are iced coffee and ice cream!